Jan Winwood’s Story

Jan likes to keep fit and loves attending our classes where she feels people are really friendly. We decided to speak to Jan and find out a little bit more about her.

Hi, I’m Jan, and I enjoy keeping fit. I attend Barn Dance Fitness classes but also aqua classes twice a week. One of the reasons for keeping active is because I had a stroke in 2000 and was diagnosed with prediabetes last year, so the doctor recommends as much exercise as possible. I go for walks in the countryside three days a week also. 

Barn Dance Fitness classes are a brilliant way to combine dance with exercise

And there are always lovely people joining in. I used to attend on a regular basis a year ago but because of certain circumstances, I was unable to attend regularly. I have however, joined again recently and really enjoy the classes and so missed them!

The Barn Dance Fitness Instructor Dan is very patient

He always invites suggestions of dances and is very patient with new folk joining. He demonstrates so we have a good idea of what to do – eventually!

Advice I would give to others who are thinking of joining

The people attending are very friendly and do try to make new folk feel welcome and chat to newbies to overcome any hesitation. 

You can attend whatever fitness level you are at

Some dances can be a little energetic but all are welcome to watch rather than dance if feeling hesitant. A health benefit I’ve found is that you can slowly build up your energy to move confidently the more often you attend and join in. 

If anyone is interested in joining they should come along

and overcome shyness with a welcoming group of folk.

People at any fitness levels are welcome to join in and families are welcome. If you’re looking for a new, fun hobby, then why not try one of our classes? New attendees can purchase one class and get one free. 

Head to www.barndancefitness.co.uk to see venue information and times and to book your class.


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