Invited to a dance? – get in some practice!

Our big sister organisation is the Burdock Band  which routinely delivers barn dances and cèilidhs to clients across Central England – either a full band, or sometimes a solo caller using playlists.

If you know that you’ll be attending such a dance event, then why not come along and do some practice?

Scenario 1: “We’ve been invited to a wedding ceilidh in Scotland”.  Now that’s serious! You will need to know the Scottish Cèilidh repertoire, as bands across the border don’t teach you the dances: the music starts up and off you go, and your hosts expect you to join in!

So, the dances you definitely should learn are:

  • Gay Gordons – a classic that’s actually really easy once you’ve learnt the promenade
  • Dashing White Sergeant – again, really easy once you know how!
  • Strip the Willow – this is probably the most popular dance and involves everyone – tricky at first, so worth learning and you’ll get so much fun from doing it properly
  • Auld Lang Syne – how many times have you mumbled the words and not known what’s really going on!

There are other classics such as Circassian Circle, Virginia Reel, Military 2-step, Cumberland Sq 8, Flying Scotsman, Canadian Barn Dance and St Bernard’s Waltz, which you can pick up as you go along, but we also practice these dances in the classes.

Scenario 2: “We’re invited to a barn dance evening and my partner hates the idea of dancing”.

At events there always seems to be a small number of guests that say ‘can’t dance, won’t dance’ and choose not to get involved. In business training, it’s said that standing in front of an audience and making a speech is the next worst thing to death, but actually, in our experience, for some people it’s dancing – they are really afraid of making a fool of themselves.

So, a little knowledge and practice before the event can help to make the evening more enjoyable: a few sessions at Barn Dance Fitness will familiarise you with the basic moves and give you confidence to join in on the night.

If you contact us, then we will tailor a programme of 2/3 classes that will aim to prepare you for your event. Please contact us at BDF to discuss possibilities – all in strict confidence.

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  1. Having seen the band play at a public ceilidh and joining a few BDF classes, we booked the Burdock Band to play at our wedding last year. It was great fun getting practice in beforehand, so we knew which songs / dances we liked before the big day and so they were familiar!

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