In the words of Liz Case

Liz is one of our regular class attendees at the Barn Dance Fitness over 50s group at Stirchley Baths. We thought we’d have a chat with her to see why she enjoys attending classes.

Hi, I’m Liz, an ex primary school teacher. 

There’s not a session goes by that we don’t laugh!

I attend classes frequently because it is regular exercise which is good to get in and as the advert says; ‘it’s good to talk’ I’m showing my age now! I also enjoy the exercise and meeting up with friends.

The instructor Dan is very inclusive and patient.

Advice I would give to you if you are thinking of attending for the first time and are unaware of what the classes are about is that it’s an activity that has no age-limit. You don’t have to have taken part in it before and it’s good fun. It’s inclusive at all levels and you don’t have to be good at it to join in the fun. It’s not an activity that needs a high fitness level. You get better as you go along. If you find it too much, you can sit out until you feel you want to join in again.

Barn Dance Fitness classes have been a great find!

And it’s a great way to spend an hour. I’ve met some lovely people and we have such a laugh. I’d also say that classes are family friendly – anybody is welcome.

In my spare time I enjoy…

Playing squash, baking and all things crafty. I also enjoy going on walks with my friends, attending aerobics classes and spending time looking after my 7 year old granddaughter. 

Are you looking to fit in some regular exercise and wanting to meet new people? Then book onto attend one of our classes at

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