How to stay fit and healthy in the New Year

Every year we think of New Year’s resolutions for the year ahead, with a big one being getting fit and staying in shape. But a few weeks in, and many of us tend to go back to our usual routines and find the resolutions we made, too difficult to stick to.
 But with our top tips here at Barn Dance Fitness, getting fit and staying healthy and in shape doesn’t have to be a challenge.

 1.    Don’t wait until the new year

 Why wait until the new year? Get your steps in now, exercise and try to eat healthily in-between having Christmas meals with family and friends. Then you won’t feel bad when you indulge in your favourite foods during Christmas!

2.    Don’t buy into fad or quick-fix diets

 Don’t buy into fad diets if your goal is to lose weight, yes you may lose weight quickly but as soon as you start to eat properly again you will put the weight back on.

3.    Create weekly meal plans

 Write down what you will be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks you may want such and fruit or nuts, and prepare your food on the weekend or when you have spare time. This way, you won’t be tempted to eat unhealthy snacks or indulge in junk food when you’re feeling peckish. A great tip is to freeze your meals so you’re not having to cook every day.

4.    Get your steps in

 Whether you like to go to the gym, dance classes or enjoy going for a walk at lunch-times, get your steps in each day and if you haven’t quite hit your target, take an extra walk. 

5.    Write down your goals

 Is it a few pounds that you want to lose, or do you want to put weight on? Do you want to get toned, or just ensure you are eating healthily? Whatever your goals are, write them down along with dates of when you hope to hit them, and check-in on those dates. If you haven’t got to where you want to be at a certain time, then add some extra exercise classes in to hit your targets. 

6.    Incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your routine

 Eating healthily is a lifestyle choice and once you get into the routine of doing so, it will feel completely normal and good.

 You don’t have to exercise every day, but try to do so a few days each week whether that is at dance classes, at the gym or both! Exercising releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body.

7.    Don’t deprive yourself of your favourite foods

People tend to give up when depriving themselves of their favourite foods. One meal a week can be of your choice, whether you like to order an Indian takeaway or a pizza or you can’t get enough of chocolate!

Also, eating healthy doesn’t mean eating horrible food! There are lots of recipes you can find online that are healthy yet delicious depending on your taste buds.

8.    Don’t be hard on yourself

It’s not going to happen overnight so don’t be hard on yourself and don’t give up. Give it time, you will see a difference.

 Good luck and let us know how you get on; we’d love to hear about it. 
If you have tried healthy eating and exercising for a long period of time and nothing is working for you then consult your doctor who could be of help.


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