Dance class attendee Peter’s experience

One of our regulars Peter, from our over 50s group at Stirchley Baths wanted to share why he attends Barn Dance Fitness Classes with you. 

“Hi, my name’s Peter, I am retired and my hobbies include engineering, electronics, microscopy, nature and going on holidays.

The doctor recommends I exercise

This is due to having angina. I do like to attend classes for exercising anyway and also to socialise.

Barn Dance Fitness classes are good fun!

The over 50s classes at Stirchley Baths are good fun and the people who attend are a great group of people to socialise with.

My advice to those thinking about attending classes

Just give it a go. You have nothing to lose and we all make mistakes, even the experts!”

Peter’s wife Elizabeth added: “I feel better for the exercise and it’s a great group of people – I like the social aspect of it. Since attending the classes I feel I am coping better with balance & dizziness and feel better than I was.”.

If you’re looking to add some more movement into your life and want to meet new people then book a Barn Dance Fitness class at:

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