The birth of Barn Dance Fitness… (Part One)

So, how did Barn Dance Fitness (BDF) come about? Well, as the resident caller for the Burdock Ceilidh Band, I knew how much fun a group of people, often strangers… Read  »

Dance class attendee Peter’s experience

One of our regulars Peter, from our over 50s group at Stirchley Baths wanted to share why he attends Barn Dance Fitness Classes with you.  “Hi, my name’s Peter, I… Read  »

Jan Winwood’s Story

Jan likes to keep fit and loves attending our classes where she feels people are really friendly. We decided to speak to Jan and find out a little bit more… Read  »

In the words of Liz Case

Liz is one of our regular class attendees at the Barn Dance Fitness over 50s group at Stirchley Baths. We thought we’d have a chat with her to see why… Read  »

Invited to a dance? – get in some practice!

Our big sister organisation is the Burdock Band  which routinely delivers barn dances and cèilidhs to clients across Central England – either a full band, or sometimes a solo caller… Read  »

How to stay fit and healthy in the New Year

Every year we think of New Year’s resolutions for the year ahead, with a big one being getting fit and staying in shape. But a few weeks in, and many… Read  »