10 Health Benefits of Barn Dancing

Barn dancing is a way for people of all ages to keep fit, have fun and make new friends simultaneously!

Some of the benefits include:

⦁   Increased muscular strength

Barn dancing requires you to use multiple parts of your body to sustain moves, balance or hold a partner – it also requires you to have strength.

You can dance at your own pace so if you don’t feel you have the strength right now, attending regular classes will help you to build stronger muscles in your own time.

⦁   Boost in your cardiovascular health

According to the NHS, regular dancing in older people can help to improve heart health in older people. By increasing your heart rate, you can build a stronger heart and lungs – allowing you to become healthier.

⦁   Reduced stress

Barn dancing helps your body to release chemicals called endorphins that can assist in boosting your mood because they trigger positive feelings in the body. So, going to classes regularly could really help you to feel better within yourself.

⦁   Weight loss

When you’re barn dancing, you’re losing calories which can help you to lose weight, and what’s great is that you’ll be doing this while having fun!

⦁   Improved mobility

Barn dancing allows your joints to move through their full range of motion – so if you’re feeling stiff and in pain then dancing could be the way forward for you.

⦁   Improved posture

Position yourself correctly while barn dancing to improve your posture – ask your instructor in class if you’re unsure of how your body should be positioned.

⦁   Increase in your stamina

Barn dancing raises the body’s heart rate which can help to build your stamina.

⦁   Improved coordination and balance

The instructor at our classes lets you dance at your own pace allowing you to get used to the movement. By watching the instructor while dancing at the same time, your hand-eye coordination and balance can improve.

⦁   Combat feelings of isolation

By taking up regular dance classes in your local community – you can meet new people from all walks of life – people who might even become your good friends. Many of our regular attendees have developed social connections at classes.

⦁   Low impact cardiovascular workout

Which has many advantages within itself including:

⦁ Improved cholesterol
⦁ Lowered blood pressure
⦁ Improved sleep

If you’d like to attend one of our dance classes here at Barn Dance Fitness, then head to our homepage where you can book.

If you’d like to ask any questions about our classes or, you’re worried about anything then contact us by email, phone or social media and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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